Study tips for the busy adult learner

Finding time to study can be difficult on your busy schedule, but it can be done!

Adults who have made the choice to head back to the classroom may find things are a bit different than when they last found themselves in education programs. Yet perhaps the most significant challenge of going back to school later in life is finding time to study. Whether it’s due to a busy family life, career obligations or simply being out of practice, getting ready for exams can be a significant adjustment. While there are undoubtedly challenges adults learners have to face, there are some steps they can take to improve their study habits.

One step at a time

There’s nothing saying you have to study all at once. If you know you have an exam on the horizon, try starting well ahead of time. Reviewing your notes and textbook as you go will not only help you be more prepared for each class, but once the test rolls around you won’t have to cram. In addition, studying a little bit at a time – even if it’s just 30 minutes a day – is much more likely to fit in your schedule than an all-day session on a Saturday afternoon.

Find a dedicated space

For a busy adult learner, it can be difficult not to let your everyday life creep into your studies. This is especially true if you don’t have a space that is dedicated solely to studying. It doesn’t need to be located in your home, it could be a local coffee shop, park or even the library. As long as it allows you to separate your school life from your everyday distractions, it will help you succeed.

Use more than just textbooks and notes

Although your traditional class materials are sure to help, if you’re encountering trouble, you have other services at your disposal. For instance, searching for online discussion boards related to your textbook may offer some supplemental information you had never thought of before. In a similar vein, reaching out to classmates may not only help you understand the subject better but could encourage you to be more committed to studying.

If you’re among the many adults deciding to return to the classroom, but are having trouble finding the right program, visit and peruse the Adult Education Guide to find the program that’s best for you.