Managing a career and school at the same time

Going back to school doesn't have to hinder your career — in fact, it's a great way to enhance it

Why do adults go back to school when they’ve already spent years or even decades on a certain career path? For many, the interest goes much deeper than just a curiosity or interest in learning. For others, it often means the difference between reaching a plateau in their jobs and earning that promotion they’ve been waiting for, or opening the doors to even greater opportunities in a different field.

As demands in the workforce rise, college programs rush to keep up. Some schools are taking a second look at their flexible programs and tailoring them to cater to working adults who want to get their college degrees. Whether by demonstrating prior knowledge on a test or enrolling in an all-you-can-learn three-month term, these adult students will have better options that can fit into their already filled schedules of work and family obligations.

While adults may be apprehensive about going back to school among a predominantly younger generation of students, they don’t have to worry about what their teachers think of the situation, according to The New York Times.

“I find it enriching for me as a professor,” Lauren Benton, a professor of history in New York, told The New York Times. “These are people who want to learn more … The variety of motivations and interests is the hallmark.”

When you’ve identified your goals and are ready to dive into a college program headfirst, be sure to reference’s Adult Education Guide to help you make informed decisions based on your criteria. Whether your top priorities are finding an online program or a highly credited nursing school, has valuable resources that can help make the college search an exciting and simple process.